The Neighborhood Blanket Program

Our mission is dedicated to helping under-served young adults develop a successful pathway to achieve an independent and productive life experience. The Neighborhood Blanket is an independent non-profit organization which is funded through community donations. This allows us to provide assistance to under-served students in our community who are in need of advocates and mentoring after graduating high school and moving on to higher education to better their lives. The Neighborhood Blanket will assist in school related expenses such as identification documents, college dorm supplies and personal necessities. Each case will be person centered, dependent on current financial status of the neighborhood blanket and other support services involved in student’s path. While most people qualify for assistance through grant and scholarship programs, under-served students can’t afford the everyday essentials for higher education. Please contact Gina Koch 631-478-3886 or email:

Please Consider Donating to Our Cause.

The Neighborhood Blanket is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Tuesday October 23rd

Please join us for a special event at ARWorkshop in Smithtown to support The Neighborhood Blanket.

Thursday October 25th

Please join us for a special Shopping event to make a difference at Tandywear in Commack from 6:00pm — 9:00pm. Details to follow, please check links on facebook and Instagram.